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From the Creators of Jonathan Park

Coming Soon! A video documentary on the powerful forces of one of the largest volcanos of modern time. 


On June 6, 1912, the biggest eruption in over one hundred years occurred in what is now Katmai National Park, and The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes in Alaska. Ejecting over thirty times more material than Mount St. Helen's, Novarupta exploded for more than sixty hours.

Catastrophic processes consistent with Biblical history are clearly revealed in the story of Novarupta. The volcano deposited ash and tephra at rates exceeding 10 feet per hour, dropped worldwide temperatures up to 2 °F, caused large parts of mountains to disappear in the blink of an eye, plus a host of other cataclysmic events. Novarupta provides many challenges to the uniformitarian assumption that normal everyday processes are responsible for Earth's surface features. It is a powerful testimony to the young and active planet we live on, a planet shaped by the hand of God as revealed in Scripture. 

This video documentary will tell the story of Dr. David Shormann and a team of explorers that have traveled to the volcano to show the evidence that is in harmony with the Scriptures. The video will provide a powerful apologetic for the skeptic, and build the faith of the believer.

The production will be written and produced by a group of young film-makers. As a backer of this project, you'll be partnering with us to bring evidence that is in harmony with God's Word -- and help young adults to learn the art of making video documentaries with an eternal message!





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